Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So Fast

 "They grow up so fast..."

I hear this warning over and over again. I get it, I do. My babies went to their first full day of school today and Im still trying to catch my breath. Cliche? Maybe. Real? Yes.

Im terrified of them growing up. I feel sad and sorry when I see a family full of teenagers - do they ache for the days when sticky hands were thrown around their necks? For little bodies curled in their laps? For too wet kisses that require a stealth wipe when the baby isn't looking? Don't get me wrong, it isn't all happy, huggy, kissy moments over here. Sometimes I wish everyone could wipe their own bottom and getting in the car didn't require 15 min of buckling. But deep down, I love it and Im terrified of waking up one day and realizing my kids are too busy and too cool to hang out with me.

But this summer I figured out a secret to keeping them close. A beach sticker. All sumer I drove through the dust and over bumps to park the car on our own little stretch of beach. Time and time again I watched as SUVs pulled in next to me and gangs of limbs climbed out like over sized awkward clowns emerging from a VW bug. There they were - teenagers with their parents. They didn't build castles or practice cart wheels, but they were together. Moms sat next to tweens and their friends while they giggled about boys and pop stars. Dads grilled up burgers and dogs and passed them around to heads bobbing to ear buds. Each time I pledged, prayed and wished...."that will be us."

 ps. It is pictures like this that make me wish I never had to cut Tyler's hair. If only we could live on the beach :)

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kdk said...

I love that Colby is distracted in both of these pictures :) Sad to see summer and beach time come to an unofficial close though! Can't wait to hear about school!