Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It was long overdue, our visit to NJ. We needed our Grandma and our Pop Pop and our cousins. We needed to come home. We have discovered over the last few years that a lot of places feel like home. When you feel loved - the kind of love that only comes from the people closest to your hearts - well, then you are home. We have homes in NJ and MA...aren't we lucky?

So, home to New Jersey we went. We landed in the open arms of our family and lapped up every morsel of love and fun that we could. We swam, ate, talked, laughed, hugged and kissed. We told stories, listened, and became reacquainted to all the little details we forgot. We had treats that we always associate with Grandma's house, but we forgot to play Wii with Aunt Melissa and Uncle Dave. We were too busy, soaking it all in.

On the way home we vowed not to let that much time lapse between visits ever again. (so we returned 2 weeks later :) And we vowed that each summer will have at least a week booked for a trip home to NJ.

More pictures and details to come....because the cousin love was AWESOME!

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