Thursday, June 6, 2013

Camping - Dargan Style

 This is a Yurt. Yes, I know - I had no idea either! My brother and his family spoke of camping in one years ago and it sounded like fun. This past winter I was looking into affordable vacation options and while investigating cabins, I stumbled upon the Yurts. Im quite certain I told Mike nothing about this as I checked "book this site" on the park's website. I was confident it would work out...sort of!
 And so it was that about 5 months later we found ourselves driving through rain to reach the Yurt. The kids were beyond excited. We jumped out of the car, ran to the Yurt and 15 min later we all looked at each other with a collective, "now what?" There was no sign of the rain letting up. Hiking, fishing and going for ice cream were quickly crossed off of the list.

We went to the movies. On our first family camping trip. Im not kidding. 

If my friends who introduced me to back country camping in Montana are reading this...I think they just "tsk, tsked" me. As we emerged from the dark, dry and warm theater we all jumped for joy at the dry skies. We rushed back to the campsite and managed to roast a few hot dogs on the fire before the rain started in again. We were cozy enough in the yurt. We had a rocking dance party, ate non-roasted marshmallows, and brushed our teeth with bottled water. We snuggled into our sleeping bags and listened to the thunderstorms all night.

We awoke on Mother's Day to more pouring rain. We hopped in the car, swung through the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru and we were home in time for breakfast.

The kids can't wait to "camp" again. That's a success in my book.


Jason said...

Hey, with 4 kids and a husband in the dark about staying in a yurt I think you made the most of a crappy weather situation! No tsk-tsking from me. And now that they've been eased into camping, you can camp "for real" next time!

Lauren Dargan said...

Ha, thanks Jason! Im not sure if we will ever get into the "for real" I sometimes have nightmares of trying to sleep in a soaking wet tent while deer are eating my pack :)

Sarah said...

I still remember you talking about a tree falling on the tent during the thunder storm. That thought had not occured to me at all. Yurt's sound just my speed! But then again the last time I went camping was with you all. hahahaha.