Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ride, Sally, Ride!

 "Mom, I want to ride in a bike ride to help kids with cancer!'
"Me too!"
"Can I do it?"

There is no way to say no to that! They raised a little bit of money, they organized bike helmets and water cups and polished up their bikes. But my favorite part was the conversations that happened in the days leading up to the bike ride. We talked about what Cancer is and the people we know and love who are affected. We talked about how lucky we are that we are healthy. And we talked about how what we do can make a difference for someone else. As Drew said, "It must be so sad to see your brother be sick, I wouldn't want anyone's brother to be sick."

Sometimes I shy away from talking to the kids about the "bad" stuff in the world. I want to preserve their innocence and hope for as long as possible. And Ill still do that. But, I want to plant the seeds early that we have something to give. We will always have something to give - even if it is simply to ride our bikes in a park in honor of someone else.

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