Monday, June 24, 2013

Schools Out!!

Im leaving in a few minutes to pick Ella and Drew up from their last day of 1st grade! Really, why does it all go by so fast? This will most likely have been there last year together in the same class. I hope the summer never ends - I won't be able to handle next years back to school!

So in the meantime, a summer bucket list::

* Mini Golf
* Ice cream Truck
* Beach, Beach, Beach
* Bonfires
* Smores
* Fire works
* NJ Boardwalk
* Bike Rides
* Ice Cream...and lots of it!
* Fair
* Pool Parties
* Night Swimming
* Pirate Adventure in Boston
* Boston Harbor Islands
* Uncle Marks Boat
* Fishing
* Tie Dye

What am I missing?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

that was me.


Monkey Business said...

You are becoming obsessed Hockey Dad!! Lol

kdk said...

They may still be too young, but the water park at Six Flags is pretty much my #1 for the summer and I'll be 30 soon! Also, I beat Kappy at mini golf yesterday so I've already crossed off #1 on your list :) See you guys at the beach soon!!