Friday, June 4, 2010


When it is so hot and humid that your hair looks like this...

There is only one choice but to bring dinner to the porch. We watched the last of the rain showers, ate our dinner and then walked to the corner store for an ice pop. Yes, summer is here.

The cherry on top was watching Daddy walk around the corner, finally home from work. And boy do these kids know how to welcome him - running and screaming down the block until they can grasp a limb of their hero.

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Nonnie said...

Drew - love the "B" hat. Need to get you and Caca to a Red Sox game together!
Tyler - love the "future" on your shirt. Watch out world. Here I come!
Ella - Love the curls. Nonnie never had a curl in her life till I me you "goldilocks"!
Love you all so much . . . I'm comin'