Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Still There

I suppose I should update on the dreary kidney stone.

Yes, it is still there. The surgery on Monday earned such accolades as "The worst we have ever seen!" and "Traumatizing!" by my surgeons. Uhm, not exactly what you want to hear. So they exchanged the stent, the stone is still there, and they will now replace the stent every 4 weeks instead of 8 - so at least 2 more surgeries, maybe 3.

But, the baby is fine - in fact I get to see his little face and scrunched up body today on a routine ultrasound.

And, Im ok, this one has been a little more painful than the last surgery - but Im home and Im ok.

My mom is here doing everything. The kids absolutely love her and she is stepping up to the plate in a way only a mom can. The kids are dressed, bathed, fed, cleaned up after, and entertained (that's a picture she emailed me from the zoo yesterday). My laundry is washed and folded, the dishwasher emptied. But more importantly there is love and laughter in our house.

Really isn't that just the point?


kd said...

I'm so glad you're doing well! I hope you're still going to get to relax on vacation soon :)

Aria said...

Who's better than Nonni? Nobody..