Monday, June 7, 2010


Mike and I had a car ride to ourselves this weekend and the chatting was oh so nice - as in uninterrupted. Of course our chat included some talk of our kids, how could it not?! Somehow we found ourselves remembering the first night home from the hospital with Drew. I figured I should write it down...

Let's preface the tale by saying we had lost part of our minds. The other half to this story is that our new baby girl was laying in an incubator hooked to IVs and monitors some 30 minutes away. There was still no explanation as to what may be wrong with her or when/if she would be well enough to come home.

But, we had Drew home. And we were thankful. And we were more than nervous. So, as bedtime arrived Mike began to set up the co-sleeper that would attach to our bed. Drew would sleep there, as close as possible so that I could feed and monitor him all night. One hitch - the silly thing wouldn't set up correctly. We all tried, but couldn't get it done.

Now here is where our less than stellar mental and emotional state is so obvious. There were a million solutions and options for sleeping. The one we chose? I had Mike push both cribs against the wall in the nursery and then squeeze our full size bed onto the floor of the teeny room. Then I placed the contoured changing pad on the floor next to us, and that is how Drew spent his first night at home. Yes, he slept on the floor at 3 days old, in December. Maybe that is why he is so interested in camp outs!



Nonnie said...

Okay, so I'm crying. I should be laughing at you two goons. But I remember that night oh so well. I cried that night too. Such memories will never leave my heart.

Monkey Business said...

We couldn't have gotten through those crazy, tough, exciting times without you...and we love looking back and having you part of those memories. Ready for the next round?! xoxo

Nonnie said...

I AM READY . . . WILLING . . . AND ABLE!! ONWARD . . . UPWARD .. . . AND . . . OH HELL, I'LL BE THERE!!! Are we having any more babies??? Any more kidney stones? I will always be there for you! Any more surprises????? Love the adventure. Love you more.