Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

On this Father's Day I sit alone. Emptiness has filled the house and all I can hear is the quiet. Mom and kids are all in MA with the Virta clan at the Beach House that we have for two weeks. Even though I am alone, I am truly enjoying this Father's Day. Not because I am by myself (that novelty wore off by the first day), but rather because my wife and kids are totally happy right now and having the time of their lives. And that is really all that matters to me. My focus in life has become not so much what I am doing or feeling or what is happening with me....but rather how are my kids and wife feeling and what are they doing and are they happy right now. I was just thinking today that that is what being a Father is all about.


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Nonnie said...

I just spent one whole week of witnessing a "dad" that is truly in love with his life and family. Lucky you. To see you with 3 little faces (all adoring you) and to see you with Lauren, pregnant, hurting, and needing you more than ever and you being there for her and the kids, just melts my heart. Sometimes it is not easy . . . but you make it look like a walk in the park. Not "Central Park" . . . let's call it Boston Common!! Love you so much. Hang in there, Dad.