Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This and That

Yesterday I found myself singing along to the radio with a big smile. I realized that I felt good. Physically not much has changed, except maybe another inch or two around the belly and some extra pressure - but mentally....oh, mentally everything is different. When I was looking at 20 weeks to go, 10 weeks to go, even 4 weeks to go - it felt like forever. No end in site. But now, just a mere 9 days from my due date and the final surgery to get rid of the kidney stone...well, now I see the finish line. And it looks oh so good. I can do it. Even better, I feel like I already did.
Tyler got his hand stuck in the elevator at the hotel this past this weekend. He is fine. I just keep thinking back to the way I panicked. I was screaming for help...screaming! So not me. We have been through quite a few nasty injuries with these kids and I always stay so calm. I can't figure out what happened
The kids have been playing so well together. Pirates are a big theme, along with the ever popular "mommy/daddy" game. They love to make up silly words and soon the backseat is filled with that crazy belly laugh that only siblings can bring on. I still remember sitting with my brothers in the backseat saying "Fat Mailbox" to make each other double over with the giggles.

Speaking of the car - the 4th car seat is installed, so I guess we are officially ready for this baby. The kids are so excited over the car seat arrangements. Mainly because they are taking turns sitting solo in the 3rd row. Who knew that would be such a novelty?! Tyler loves that the baby seat is next to his seat and he repeatedly asks for "baby come out NOW!" Any day, buddy, any day.

ps. this post brought to you by Tyler's photo shoot - in the very bright sun.

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