Monday, August 2, 2010

What a Weekend!!

Oh, wow - we had fun this past weekend at my cousin's wedding. Tower Hill Gardens was the perfect setting for a beautiful wedding, for the kids to play, and to enjoy the company of family. Although being a bit uncomfortable makes me feel less social than normal - just being together was fantastic!
My cousin looked unbelievably amazing. I can't believe she is the little girl whose hair I used to braid on school picture days. My Dad did a great job officiating the ceremony - made me wonder why everyone doesn't chose a family member to add a personal, special touch to their wedding. The kids did a fantastic job walking the aisle and performing their duties. When introduced at the reception Drew did an awesome spin-jump garnering a round of applause and a few "Woo Hoo's!" Then they proceeded to dance until they fell into their chairs in a sleepy stupor.
Ill be looking for more pictures from other guests at the wedding. My camera is on the fritz, so lots of my pictures came out blurry or too dark. With the new guy arriving soon, I need to fix that!

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Stacy said...

So beautiful, Lauren! Love Ella's dress and we have those shoes also, M loves them!