Thursday, July 29, 2010

Traveling Circus

We are off to my cousin's wedding - you would think they are going to Disney. They love weddings...dressing up, dancing, and this time staying in a hotel.

"But where will we sleep?" They have asked me this 100 times - first times of anything are so fun with kids.

My medical records in hand, Im ready to go. But Im quite convinced that the baby will wait until we get back to NJ. This baby just likes to add a little drama wherever he can.

My little cousin getting married, 2 of my kids in the wedding, my DAD officiating the ceremony...and of course seeing so much of my family...I guess we are all just a tad excited!

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kd said...

Mike and I are so glad the whole fam could make the trip up! The kids were awesome and adorable. Your Dad was great, I loved the whole day! Can't wait to meet the new one soon! Love you