Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hair Today...Gone

First we got rid of the diapers. Now we chopped off the curls. The little, wild, baby curls that stuck out from under his hat and looped over his ears.

It was a little traumatic for me, apparantly "leave as much length as possible" translates to "chop it all off" in hairdresser speak. Adding to the trauma is that I can't find a decent before picture to remember his little curls.

But, he is amazingly handsome...this new Big Boy of mine.
Oh, and please ignore the weird spikey thing the lady did in the front with gel! Ill get some more pictures today!


Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

I know its part of growing up but.... I miss Tyler's Locks!!!!!

Nonnie said...

I haven't seen him yet . . . but Nonnie loved the "devil may care" . . . Ralph Lauren . . . wild, crazy hairdo that SO fit his little personality! I'm sure he is handsome as hell, but there is just something about those curls. Ahhhhh. . . to be two again.