Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I managed to catch a sort of milky shot of a sunrise, but after combing through about 200 pictures, I realized I missed many shots. I have no pictures from the front of the house and it was my preferred view! From the balcony on our room or the front deck off the kitchen, you could stare out over the North River, the lush green marsh, and the boats traveling back and forth all day - not to mention the amazing nightly sunsets.
I love this shot of Ty's nudey bum and the rocks...but I missed him driving Uncle Mark's boat and all 3 kids running on the pristine beach at the spit. In fact, I have very few pictures of so many of my favorite moments. The kids faces during the super fireworks show, wrestling with cousins, coloring rocks, sitting with my dad, all the kids eating together....and of course the ever popular group shot is missing this year.

Maybe it was because we were there for 2 weeks and the feeling of "Ill take it next time" was always there. Or maybe it was because I barely left my beach chair. Maybe it was because I was in major rest/relax/lazy mode...whatever the reason, the images are in my head. And I was fully present and fully enjoying every one of those moments my camera missed.

And, there is always next year, right?!


Shauna said...

That stones + Tyler pic is too cute for words! Love to see you all feeling so happy and free!

Anonymous said...

baby on rocks IS A MAGAZINE AWARD WINNER YOU REALLY SHOULD ENTER IT INTO CAPE COD LIFE magazine CONTEST. the winners do not have to be taken on the cape to be elligable. love this one jan