Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vacation Memories

Vacations are just a blip in your history...a week here and there nestled into the day to day that make up all those years of your life. So it really is amazing that they stand out so prominently, in your memory and in photo albums. Amazing what you can pack into a week or two.

Our week at Lake Winnipesaukee provided it's share of memories that Im sure will last for years to come. We all did our best to catch them with our camera's, but sometimes you leave the cameras aside and drink it in with all 5 senses.

Bright blue skies over an expanse of still water. Smiles that you haven't seen in weeks and months. Sandcastles bigger than the kids. Hammocks over flowing with arms and legs, stories spilling out of them for hours. Popsicle drips down chins and arms. Lobsters, fish fries, exploding grills. Boys driving boats and moms tubing behind. Bonfires and music setting the background for stories and laughs. The constant chatter of children. The quiet of an evening Kayak.

The strongest memory will certainly be of just being together.

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