Thursday, July 9, 2009


Im trying to work on this summer to-do list whenever I can. So, when I heard the ice cream truck music (yes, my ears still perk up and I can detect it from blocks away) we ran out to catch him. I put aside that it was 5 PM and dangerously close to dinner, because come on - its summer!!
Ella and Drew are still novices at the ice cream truck and they had trouble making a choice. They both finally settled for an ice cream sandwich. Nice, classic choice. For Tyler I chose another classic - a rocket pop, jr

I opened Tyler's and in about 3.5 seconds he handed me back the empty stick. That kid can really eat an ice cream! He very calmly said "ma" (more) and pointed to the ice cream truck. I told him in my "cheery but you know things are about to blow" mommy voice that it was all gone. Then this happened:

In a moment of sheer generosity, Ella gave him the remainder of her ice cream sandwich. She is more excited by the idea of ice cream than the actual eating. Then this happened:

Another 4 seconds and this one was gone too. Then I got a big slobbery ice cream kiss.

Mission Accomplished.

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