Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Nudge

Tyler has become the nudge in the family, proudly throwing Ella from her thrown. As the NJ folks say, he loves to "bust balls." Some recent examples...

*Tyler sits next to Drew in the car and for some reason he periodically decides that he owns Drew's armrest. He pushes and pinches Drew's hand, all the while screaming his trademark scream, until Drew relents and moves his arm.

*While Ella or Drew are quietly enjoying a TV show, Tyler will stand in front of them or climb up and sit on their laps, blocking their views. They have yet to succeed in moving him and eventually move themselves.

*Reading a book? He jumps on it. Playing with a toy (quietly and off in a corner)? He takes it. Drinking from your water cup? He wants it. Snuggling with mom or dad? He needs in. Riding your bike? His turn!!

Although he is something of a tyrant, we love him anyway!

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