Monday, July 27, 2009

Ella's View

Ella grabbed the camera a few times during our vacation and Im impressed with the pictures she captured. I love the way my parent's smile for her. It was also great to see adults and kids alike cooperate with Ella and her camera. There were no complaints, no hair fixing, or hands up with embarrassment. Just love. We should all cooperate a little better with cameras. They give us a window back in time to see ourselves as we were. I think when I am 70 and looking at these pictures with my grandchildren, I won't be examining my wrinkles or a few extra pounds. I will look at the joy on our faces and remember being together.


Anonymous said...

Lauren... I think Ella definitely has a future in photography.... the best one for me, is the one of your dad b/c if you look closely... the reflection in his sunglasses shows your image as well as Ella's tiny fingers!! I LOVE IT!!!

-Aunt Melis

Monkey Business said...

Yup, although my dad is handsome and so cool with his goatee - the reflection makes the picture for me as well!!

Jason said...

Great pics, Ella! Lauren, since you mentioned it, I looked and I don't see any wrinkles or extra pounds. You look great.