Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Mile

Once upon a time there was a teeny city in the shadow of a great big one. It was filled with history and tiny shops, outdoor restaurants and expansive views. A young woman and a man would walk hand in hand as so many did around them. It was a fun time and place for this new couple and they soaked it in. Soon their dreams came true, times two and little babies were born. They walked to the hospital and walked with those babies everyday for over 2 years. Those little babies knew that little city as well as anyone.

It was the perfect place.

Ella and Drew are into stories big time these days, mostly do to the hundreds my dad told them while swinging in the hammock. I think a lot of mine will be set in Hoboken. As I was driving through last night my attention was drawn to all of the young couples and young families. It is an ideal place for starting a family and Im thrilled that we had that experience. Filled with romance and energy, it will always hold a special place in my heart.


Anonymous said...

There is something about Hoboken... It's not just a city - it is nostalgia for so many people in the world-people from all walks of life. For the Dargans it has always been a part of our heritage- to know that the stories of Hoboken will continue for another generation is so comforting and touching... because to know and live in the place where your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents started lives and families is an amazing honor and privilege. From Connie's stories of survival during the depression to my parent's unbelievable stories, like scenes out of a movie - Hoboken is the constant, a Place where people start lives, fall in love and a place where small town USA still exists. On more than one occasion in my own life, people in Hoboken have known who my parents were just by looking at my face... In recent years as I continue my life in Hudson County - On more than one occasion I have come across families and friends new and old alike that know "the twins" from "the park" <- that couldn't make me happier... Outsiders will say what they will about Hudson County... but for me, there is no safer place on this earth. Around every corner of Hoboken is a piece of our past and with those pieces comes connection... and with connection comes compassion and care... two things the world could use more of, two things that Hoboken has brought so many families over so many decades:)
Aunt Melissa loves that Tyler, Ella and Drew will not only hear the stories of our heritage but also will have felt the aura of nostalgia. Thanks Lauren, for teaching them where they came from... from Hoboken to Boston the memories will be eternal.

Monkey Business said...

Well said Melissa! All though I've felt part of the Dargan family since we met-living in Hoboken, especially with my kids, deepened that connection. If you didn't know Hoboken you wouldn't understand why it would be different than sharing a town with ancestors - as so many have done. But those who know it get it.