Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beach Babe

She jumps, she skips, she runs, she dances.

She basked in the sun, her cousins, and all her adoring aunts and uncles.

Like her Nonnie and her Mama, she loves to be outside. She may have been the one to enjoy this vacation the most...but most of us would be a close second.

She earned a new nickname while at the beach - Forest. My Dad took the kids for a walk and when trying to entice them to turn back he said, "First one back gets a Popsicle!" He underestimated Ella's love of all things "treat." She ran back the whole way - about 1/2 a mile! Over the course of the two weeks she ran that route several times, leaving kids and adults in her dust!!

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kd said...

Ha, imagine what would have happened if he told her that bread would be awarded to the first one back!?