Friday, July 9, 2010

Buddy and the Beach

He was a little braver this year at the beach - jumping waves, wading in, and filling buckets.
He decided his new buddy was baby V, and he loved making her smile. Not only a great big brother, but also an awesome big cousin.
He was happy and silly and everything you should be on vacation - and always the first one asleep at night - worn out!
Every once in awhile, he would sneak off to do his own thing, like building a sand castle town. I love his focus.
Of course, no vacation would be complete without his Caca. Drew would disappear onto the deck to sit on my dad's belly for what seemed like hours. They would tell stories...and...well, I don't really know what they do together. All I know is that my boy is happy, confident, and content with my dad - truly awesome.

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