Monday, July 19, 2010


While she was here she fixed our screen door.

It was literally the bane of our existence. It wouldn't slide. It would fall off and smoosh the kids. The kids couldn't open it. It frustrated all, every day.

But she fixed it. Because she is awesome like that.

And we got our fix. Our "Nonnie is here and all is well" fix.

She makes everything easier. Because she is awesome like that.

(Oh, yeah - and the surgery went well. Except for the fact that I went into labor. But they gave me some fancy meds and labor stopped. The whole experience was a little bit of a wake up call for Mike and I. As in "WAKE UP A BABY IS COMING - SOON!!" Uhm, got it.)

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Nonnie said...

Wish I could "fix" you!! A screen door is child's play. A little "W9-40", I mean "WD-40" works wonders! Watch out . . next time I come I'll be spraying it on you! Be okay. I'll be back soon.