Friday, November 19, 2010

The Big 3

I love 3 months. The baby is more solid, not all floppy like a newborn, and you have some sort of routine.
They have more expressions. Especially smiles.
Colby will smile at anyone, anytime. He has started a little giggle. And he kicks his feet like a maniac.
He is my chubbiest baby to date, with little leg rolls and no neck. I love every little roll and crease.
He has a grip! Once he grabs on to something he doesn't let go. Even in his sleep.

He is the true baby of the family. We all dote on him and fight for his attention. I've already become second fiddle to the excitement of his older brothers and sisters - but I don't mind. I still hold him and cuddle him like crazy.

Has anyone invented the baby freeze machine yet? I want him to stay like this just a little longer....

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Nonnie said...

How cute can a baby be? Oh . . . is he sleeping on the floor? I think I see "rug". He needs a visit from Nonnie. Tough being the fourth!