Monday, November 22, 2010

Sneaking In

Like the crisp winter air, there are a few things sneaking up on me these days, aside from the usual piles of laundry and dishes that appear each time I turn around.

It seems that Thanksgiving happened earlier this year. Last Autumn we made hand print turkeys for weeks, we have yet to make one this time around. I love Thanksgiving crafts and all the opportunities they allow to chat about gratitude, family and tradition. But somehow between Fall and Halloween we are left with only a few days to cram them all in. Luckily we have much to be thankful for all year, thus the conversations will continue.

Colby has suddenly become Mr. Awake. No longer asleep quietly in the corner for an hour or two, he is now awake for hours at a time. And demanding attention no less! I think the newborn honeymoon is almost over. Soon he will even be rolling around - gasp! Can you imagine mobility? My life will change again.

And our birthday season is approaching frighteningly fast. Three childrens birthdays that we had planned to celebrate quietly and simply. However, after attending numerous parties at fancy places with Batman, face painting, and amazing goody bags - the kids have been asking for their own parties, hourly. I am so against kids parties that cost up to hundreds of dollars for two hours. Outlandish. But their little faces when they ask and tell me who they want to invite...well, my resolve is wavering. My mind has been working over time brainstorming ideas that will cost me little to no money. And that I can accomplish between a family trip to Florida and Christmas. Simplicity is a hard concept for an almost 5 yr old to grasp...especially when discussing their own birthday.

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