Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Sometimes it is just a little tug. A little something tucked away at the back of my mind. A little twang in the corner of my heart.
Other times it is a full fledged assault on my senses. With every breath I feel a pull, a yank, an almost tangible force willing me home. Home to my family. To the people who have known me, loved me, supported me every breath of my life.
Sometimes I humor myself and think that they need me. That I need to be there to visit them, care for them, support them.
But that just isn't the case.

I need them.

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Anonymous said...

We need you more than you know. I miss seeing Ella,Drew,Tyler and Colby growing up. And, when we do get to see them, I feel like they don't know me. Our vaca at the beach was the best. See you soon, I'm saving my kisses. Love, Auntie M