Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Aye Aye

It all started when Ella was barely walking and barely talking. An attempt at calling my dad "Papa" sounded like "Caca." We all laughed. We thought it was cute and funny. Heck, we encouraged it!

About 4 years later and it is still funny and still cute. But, well, things are changing a bit. Sadly, so many things that are funny from a 1 yr old are no longer funny at 5. And other 5 yr olds think we call our beloved big guy Poop.

And well, it wouldn't be such an issue if Drew didn't talk about HIM so much. Caca this and Caca that. Aside from his own name, it was the first word Drew could write independently. Every picture at school is for Caca and now sports his name. The "Things I am Thankful For" poster in the school lobby now proudly displays "CACA" next to my boys name.

So, we have been talking for days about renaming our grandpapa. Grandpa and Papa were immediately rejected. Boss Man, Big Guy, and Poppy were similarly shunned.

Without further ado I introduce to you our newly renamed.....



Anonymous said...

Cute and fitting... but, we're sticking with Papa the name his first grandchild gave him. ;) Have fun in FL. xo Heidi

Shauna said...

It's just a slippery slope before Nonnie becomes First Mate.

kdk said...

Ha, only Shauna would have that comment! I love it - I will miss hearing "Caca" but Captain works - or Cappy, for short :)?

Monkey Business said...

You guys are funny - but with the way I put my mother to work we might as well call her "swab"