Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I sat nestled in the corner of a comfy couch with my littlest babe asleep in my arms. I watched the other 3 run around the huge indoor play space. I took a moment to soak in the peace that settles in when all 4 are happy, content, occupied. When I can once again complete my own thoughts.

And just as quickly as the moment arrived it vanished in a poof of tiny people. Suddenly the space once occupied by about 7 kids, was flooded with about 30. Balls soared over head and bounced of my legs. Screeches. Screaming. Laughing.

As if it couldn't get worse, little meatball woke up with a start, grumpy and hungry. The screaming was so unlike Colby that we both were a little shocked. I quickly covered up and ducked him under a blanket to eat. No go. The screaming intensified. I shifted. I adjusted. I changed sides. I stood up. I sat down. I tried the pacifier.

Did I mention I was surrounded by about 40 people? Shrieking? Balls bouncing? And it seemed as if everyone was staring at the freak with 4 little kids who attempts to nurse in public.

Yes, I nearly lost my mind.

And then as quick as I could I gathered my brood and ran. We ran through the rainy parking lot and sought refuge in our big comfy truck. Everyone buckled in and I turned the music on. Colby stopped screaming, looked up at me, smiled, and then ate happily until he lounged quietly like a stuffed Buddha.

It took me a moment to settle myself.

But then I remembered the lesson I learned in the first few months of parenthood.

Even the worst moments are just that...moments...and they are over as quickly as they begin.

ps. does that picture make you both afraid and laugh at the same time?! I can't even believe my most adorable baby could even look like that!


Shauna said...

This picture is amazing.

jan walsh said...

hi lauren, i keep reminding becky my own daughter and a new mother "that it won't matter a bit when he is 25 years old!!!that he napped on you all safe and warm and not in his crib"
Go with the flow, you are right they are just moments in time! enjoy that baby buddha!! love jan