Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ella Bella at 5

Here is my Bella boo at 5. This one is a little longer, but I use the extra time to soak in those freckles.
Here she is last year. Equally as cute ;)


kdk said...

..."saving people & helping others!?" and shes 5!? Adorable. Not as cute as the Justin Bieber tribute though... :)

Monkey Business said...

I think she was a little upset about me cutting off her rendition of Baby, Baby! And the saving people thing may be attributed to the hundreds of Superhero books we have read this week :) Although she did use her Christmas break to volunteer at the soup

Anonymous said...

Way to go Ella Bella! I am so proud of you wanting to help people. You go girl! Thank you Lauren for such a special gift. We love you all! Love, Auntie M