Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow Day

The blizzard draped our neighborhood with about 2 feet of soft powdery snow. The kids step in and sink right to their waists, giggling all the while. Im sure there are plenty more snow pictures to come, I have a feeling the snow will be here awhile :)
Ella and Drew are loving it! Ella stayed out with Mike until she was a little ice cube.

Colby has been confined to the house. He is battling a nasty cold and Im sure a romp outside will only make the little guy more uncomfortable.

And this one? Well, he decided that his snow pants hurt. Don't ask. He does spend plenty of time at the window yelling, "Ella and Drew bring me some snow to eat!!"

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The Wagner Family said...

I laugh at every picture of Tyler...That kid has so much personality. You can just tell from his pictures!