Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sunshine State part 1

Everything was better in Florida. Because it was warmer, but also because we were together. Nuff said.
Well, there is more to say. The things that will be remembered from this vacation will not be the rain, or the sweatshirts, or the doctor's office...but rather the laughs, the hugs, and the warmth - from the sun - but also from each other.
We will all remember how the little girl in pigtails loved her Aunt to pieces. And how that Aunt loved her back by going into the waves and scouring the beach for the perfect shells. How they stayed on the beach, just the two of them, until the sun went down - all in the name of a sandcastle.
How an Uncle fell in love with a new nephew and right there in the center of town made silly faces and baby talk to score a smile. How the big tattoed bear pushed the tiny stroller all over, and loved it.
The biggest prize of the vacation is truly the time spent together, whatever we are doing, wherever we are.

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The Wagner Family said...

Happy Birthday to all the December kiddos! Glad you had fun in FL! Hopefully we can see each other if you are home for a while during Christmas. Did I tell you I saw your Nana in Mashpee with your aunt and uncle. She is amazing! xo