Monday, December 20, 2010


My camera takes lots of fuzzy pictures. Im getting tired of saying it, so you must be tired of hearing it!
Anyway...I don't know if it is the fuzzy pictures, or my lack of sleep, or the general Holiday craziness, but I feel like we are all in a daze. The kids are fighting colds, hyped on sugar and sleep deprived.
So, with Christmas still 5 days away, Im slowing down this week. Taking a few moments to remember what it is really all about. Cliches and all, we will be taking the time to enjoy the season.

Baking with my girl.
Seeing the wonder and splendor through their eyes.
Remembering that 5-yr old tears are probably a lot better to handle than 15 yr old tears. And wondering how my littlest baby got so big.
Listening to Christmas songs from tiny little voices who get the lyrics wrong in the funniest ways.
Continuing traditions - like making gingerbread houses for their preschool class - and starting new ones.

I love this stuff.

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