Monday, November 1, 2010

Treats and Treats

There were no tricks this Halloween, just lots and lots of treats.

My parents showed up to surprise the kids on Halloween morning. They walked up the block with long iridescent gowns and alien masks to ring the doorbell. My kids answered the door, a little apprehensive. They took one look at the Dunkin Donuts munchkin box in Caca's hand and yelled..."It's Nonnie and Caca!!"

We handed out candy all day. Tyler even emptied out his own treat bucket to give to the kids - he was really into it, although a little confused.

Pumpkins were scooped out and carved.

And of course there was trick or treating up and down the block with a brisk wind and the smell of cigar wafting around. Can you trick or treat without cigars?

We ended the night with a dinner. Gathered around my kids were their parents, their nonnie, their caca, and their grandma. We ate, laughed, and shared.



The Wagner Family said...

I remember my trick or treating days with you! They were perfection along with wet pants but still perfection!

Monkey Business said...

Ha ha! Of course I thought of you while trick or treating...and not just because my little fireman walked home with wet pants!!
Seriously - perfection!!