Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

On this Father's Day I sit alone. Emptiness has filled the house and all I can hear is the quiet. Mom and kids are all in MA with the Virta clan at the Beach House that we have for two weeks. Even though I am alone, I am truly enjoying this Father's Day. Not because I am by myself (that novelty wore off by the first day), but rather because my wife and kids are totally happy right now and having the time of their lives. And that is really all that matters to me. My focus in life has become not so much what I am doing or feeling or what is happening with me....but rather how are my kids and wife feeling and what are they doing and are they happy right now. I was just thinking today that that is what being a Father is all about.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Still There

I suppose I should update on the dreary kidney stone.

Yes, it is still there. The surgery on Monday earned such accolades as "The worst we have ever seen!" and "Traumatizing!" by my surgeons. Uhm, not exactly what you want to hear. So they exchanged the stent, the stone is still there, and they will now replace the stent every 4 weeks instead of 8 - so at least 2 more surgeries, maybe 3.

But, the baby is fine - in fact I get to see his little face and scrunched up body today on a routine ultrasound.

And, Im ok, this one has been a little more painful than the last surgery - but Im home and Im ok.

My mom is here doing everything. The kids absolutely love her and she is stepping up to the plate in a way only a mom can. The kids are dressed, bathed, fed, cleaned up after, and entertained (that's a picture she emailed me from the zoo yesterday). My laundry is washed and folded, the dishwasher emptied. But more importantly there is love and laughter in our house.

Really isn't that just the point?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Turtle Back

"Mommy if the baby turns around your back will stick out like a turtle shell!"

I love how kids can make you smile no matter what kind of day you have had.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear Kidney Stone,

Dear Kidney Stone and Stent,
This picture of Ella is how I feel when I think about you. You have brought nothing but pain and heartache since you started moving 9 weeks ago. Yes, 9 long weeks - Im keeping track. Ridiculous that something as tiny as you can make such a huge impact...but wait haven't I learned that lesson already? Yes, I believe 3 teeny babies schooled me on that theory.

Speaking of lessons, I suppose I need to thank you, or at least acknowledge you, for opening my eyes to a few other things over the last few weeks.

1) My independence is not that important. Sometimes it is nice to rely on others, to hand over the reins, and to be taken care of.

2) My kids are way more independent than I thought. And in the last few weeks they have become even more so. This new found "I can do it" attitude has been awesome to watch and their big smiles and bursting pride is worth a little pain. And just maybe my rushing to help and impatience to just get it done in the past, has been a little bit stifling...maybe.

3) My husband is awesome and capable and strong and caring and if there was ever a moment I doubted any of that, these last few weeks there have been a bazillion examples.

I think this list could go on and on, but thanks to you Mr. Stone, I need to go pee again. Although I am grateful to have learned some life lessons, I would like you to get out now. NOW! This Monday, I would like you to cooperate with the surgeon and exit my body. Leave everything else intact and don't even think of messing with this kicking baby boy. I would like to return home to my family my old self, with just a little added wisdom.

Good Riddens -

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hey Tyler, this funny face?

It's not so funny anymore. Please stop doing it whenever you see the camera.


Monday, June 7, 2010


Mike and I had a car ride to ourselves this weekend and the chatting was oh so nice - as in uninterrupted. Of course our chat included some talk of our kids, how could it not?! Somehow we found ourselves remembering the first night home from the hospital with Drew. I figured I should write it down...

Let's preface the tale by saying we had lost part of our minds. The other half to this story is that our new baby girl was laying in an incubator hooked to IVs and monitors some 30 minutes away. There was still no explanation as to what may be wrong with her or when/if she would be well enough to come home.

But, we had Drew home. And we were thankful. And we were more than nervous. So, as bedtime arrived Mike began to set up the co-sleeper that would attach to our bed. Drew would sleep there, as close as possible so that I could feed and monitor him all night. One hitch - the silly thing wouldn't set up correctly. We all tried, but couldn't get it done.

Now here is where our less than stellar mental and emotional state is so obvious. There were a million solutions and options for sleeping. The one we chose? I had Mike push both cribs against the wall in the nursery and then squeeze our full size bed onto the floor of the teeny room. Then I placed the contoured changing pad on the floor next to us, and that is how Drew spent his first night at home. Yes, he slept on the floor at 3 days old, in December. Maybe that is why he is so interested in camp outs!


Friday, June 4, 2010


When it is so hot and humid that your hair looks like this...

There is only one choice but to bring dinner to the porch. We watched the last of the rain showers, ate our dinner and then walked to the corner store for an ice pop. Yes, summer is here.

The cherry on top was watching Daddy walk around the corner, finally home from work. And boy do these kids know how to welcome him - running and screaming down the block until they can grasp a limb of their hero.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


It was 85 and sunny, not a cloud in the blue sky.

We started out at a petting zoo/farm. There is always a risk involved when checking a place out for the first time, but boy, did we hit the jackpot this time!! The kids were the perfect age to experience and truly enjoy this little farm. Everyone was encouraged to touch, pick up, or hug every animal - from puppies, to chicks, to turkeys and emus. They even milked Buttercup the cow!

Ella immediately latched on to our guide and was truly fearless in approaching all the animals. I was shocked that she held this chicken for a good 10 min! She was the first one into every pen and her hand shot up when asked to feed the goats.

Tyler and Drew loved the baby goats and calves - Drew especially liked it when the tiny piglets were rooting around in his shoes. For some reason Tyler was truly taken with the mini-donkey's rear end. I think it may be because they share hairstyles :)

We capped off the day with a few hours at my new favorite beach - no boardwalks here!

And the best part...we shared the whole day with our cousins - awesome and fun kids to be around - even though Michelle and I garner a few stares as we march our troop about. We joke that soon we will qualify for group discounts usually reserved for schools and camps :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Googly Goggles

Just because he is who he is:: Tyler wore his swim goggles for 4 straight days.
In the car.

At the park.

In bed.

Everywhere but the pool.

It made me smile every time I looked at him. Thanks for brightening our days, Ty!