Wednesday, March 9, 2011


We have officially decided to move to the country and start an Alpaca farm. 
We fell in love with this guy, and I do believe he was quite smitten with us...and our crackers. 
As we daydreamed about this plan on the way home, Ella added to the farm:: donkeys, cows, ponies, dogs, ducks. and goats. 
Tyler piped up, "we are going to need a map to find all those animals!!' 

Sometimes it is fun to pretend....


jan walsh said...

lauren with all your horse sence you had me believing! you really could do this! they make wonderful pets easy to care for(so heard) and the milk and fur can make some money! saw something on dateline a couple months back alpacca's and llama farming! i was thinking about 1/2 dozen chickens, we are still thinking.

Monkey Business said...

Oh, I wish we could have a farm, Jan!! I used to despise chickens - messy & fussy - but now I wish I could have a little coop in my backyard. Just the thought of fresh eggs..Go for it!!