Monday, March 21, 2011

No Way, Jose

I remember learning in a child development class that toddlers hear the word "no" hundreds of times a day. How sad. How true. 

With 4 kids, I say "no" a lot. Too much. No to juice, No to fighting, No to another tv show, No to a goes on and on all day long. 

If Im sick of saying it, imagine how they feel hearing it. 

So tomorrow Ill try a little experiment. Im going to try avoid saying No. And not only will I try to stop saying the little word, but Ill also attempt to create a more accepting and relaxed house. One where sometimes the kids lead. Where chores are set aside because someone asked for a story or a game. Where we all brainstorm together, instead of me dictating the choices. 

Im anticipating only good things...we'll see. 

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kdk said...

these are two of my favorite pictures ever on the blog! adorable.