Tuesday, May 17, 2011

For Granted

 Most nights when I lay down in bed and the day replays in my head, I wish I had more time with Drew. Just a few uninterrupted minutes to listen to what was on his mind or what he liked at school. You see, the squeaky wheels often get the attention, and Drew is not a squeaky wheel. 

I know that I take for granted the fact that he is always by my side to cross a parking lot or walking in the mall. But I don't talk to him then because Im too busy yelling at the other ones to come closer. I take for granted that he heads up to bed without a fuss, but by the time I settle the others, Drew is sound asleep...another chance to talk lost. 

He does surprise us sometimes. He is so bold when playing with his best friend, ousting Ella as leader and running the show himself. During the Easter Olympics when they lost the Hug Relay, he stepped back from Ella pointed his finger in her face and screamed, "You made me lose!!" We had to physically separate him before he pummeled her into the ground. Oddly enough it was one of my favorite moments of the day. Because although I take his good natured rule following for granted, I love it when he lets loose! 

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Anonymous said...

your nonni and me won a three legged race many MANY years ago at Salem Willows in NH ask her if she remembers it? 1961?

This hug relay is so sweet who thought this one up ? i'm using it in the future! love cousin jan walsh