Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I handed my camera off to Kappy (my cousin's husband) to capture some Christening shots. He gladly accepted the task in fact I almost had to pry my camera out of his hands at the end of the ceremony! The Kap-arazzi (his new nickname) caught some great are just a few...
One benefit of handing your camera over? Im IN pictures :) 
 and Mike and I are IN pictures together :)
 I love this shot Kap-arazzi caught of his wife. I find it romantic. Like he couldn't wait for her to walk near him and started shooting before taking the time to focus. 
 Precious. Notice how Tyler is covering his ears? He predicted that Colby would cry when the water was poured on his head. He was right. But I think he was crying because he wanted to sit in the water and splash. 
Love Katie's expression in this one. Only a Godmother would feel so bad for her little charge. Notice how the rest of us are laughing at the poor baby? Not Katie...I think this is a sign that we chose well. 

Thanks Kaparazzi!! 

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kdk said...

Haha, yes in that last picture I was watching poor little Colby's eyes go up as he was tilted down into the water. Too cute! And the cries didn't last long!