Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Recap

This song was by far the best part of my Mother's Day. 

 The afternoon was spent at family's house. Their backyard is perfect for playing, and play they did. 
 The food was so good you wanted to lick your plate...and some of us did.
 There was even a Mother's Day play! 
 And we played our First Annual Baseball game. There are enough cousins to have two teams. 

Even though I missed my own mother and my two grandmothers, I loved Mother's Day. Being with my kids all day and seeing them have so much fun was awesome. 

Beautiful weather didn't hurt :)
Happy Mother's Day


Anonymous said...

OMG she is the best! Smart, talented and absolutely adorable! Like her Mom! Love you, Auntie Mary

Anonymous said...

coudln't agree more with Auntie M.. Ella is so precious w/ her singing.. Thanks for sharing.. Made my day.. showed a bunch of friends that we had here last night. Love and miss you all! Aunite Heidi

Nonnie said...

Makes me laugh, cry, smile, giggle all at the same time. But most of all . . . makes me miss you all even more. I love this. Thank you for this Mother's Day gift. It will always be so very special. Just like her.