Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who is this Guy?

Before babies can crawl they play with whatever toy you place in front of them and sit wherever you plop them. Eventually they figure out how to propel their little bodies across the room by scooting their bums, sliding their bellies army style, or the traditional crawl. No matter how they get there, you find that you are now following them and discovering along the way what they like, who they are.

It has been awhile since Drew learned to crawl, but Im still learning about him (and the others).  He is still a little quieter, a little more reserved, but the last few weeks Im seeing something different.

He is taller. His long lanky shape hasn't changed, just a little longer. Seemingly overnight his shirts don't reach his pants and his pants don't reach his shoes. His head has passed my elbow and I started imagining that one day Ill look up at him instead of the other way around.

He is bolder. He has a new confidence with a strut to match. A strut that carries him across fields and parks away from my leg where he would normally reside. He is tougher with his siblings and more adventurous with his endeavors. Watching him with his friend I am pleasantly surprised when Drew takes the lead.

We had a feeling that sports would draw Drew out of his shell. T-Ball is his new love and watching him in action on the field is more fun than I imagined.

I love this kid and I love tagging along for the ride - wherever he goes.

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Sarah said...

What an awesome action shot. Got to love the determination and focus. I also love that the coach is standing right there "coaching". Sarah