Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hiking Part II

Im telling you, this hike was so great Im still reliving it ;) 
 Colby's 1st time in the back & it went well. He only pulled my hair and grabbed my earrings about 100 times. And I pretended I was in better shape than I am.  I also like this picture because my kids are getting better at taking pictures - our heads aren't cut off and it is in focus!! 
 What happens when I say, "strike a pose!" 
 They make me believe that every boy should have a brother. They are getting closer by the day. 
That's my girl. 


kdk said...

Adorable. But, I need to know - where are you hiking in these pics!?

Monkey Business said...

You have to come next time!!! It is Blue HIlls :) Because I think of you whenever I see a cute animal...I thought of you while we were there. They have a river otter that does backflips!! The kids were going crazy :)

kdk said...

Ahh! I'm so glad the otter is still there. I wondering if they had taken him in for the winter yet - he may be heading in soon. Too cute - I knew the kids would love to see him! I'd love to join you guys next time :)