Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We have been talking about being thankful a lot lately. Of course it is the season, but I think there are other reasons too. I feel lucky that my kids aren't asking for a whole lot. In fact, they haven't even asked for their toys that are in storage. They have been content with what they have.

As I wrote that, I realized they are teaching me again. I was going to write a post about how I have been trying to teach them to be more thankful. About not worrying who has more or about what they don't have...but to be mindful of what they do have. Of course there are minor skirmishes about who has more candy or who gets to play with the big box, but on a whole they are satisfied, content, happy with what they have.

And I suppose that is the real lesson. One that I need to practice a bit more. There will always be things I don't have...and the list would be far too easy to write. But that would get me nowhere but wanting, unsatisfied, and frustrated. Instead I will look to my kids for inspiration in appreciating and making the best of what I do have. A leftover moving box? Limitless opportunity! Couch pillows? They can be rafts, cars, rocks to cross the river!

No home of my own? How about living with 2 people who adore your children, fold your laundry & make you dinner?!!

Of course like all challenging lessons, this is more easily said than done...but Ill keep practicing.

In so many ways - for their love, their laughter, their lessons - I am so very Thankful for my children.

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