Friday, November 4, 2011


Sometimes I need them all to myself.  
I had the car packed when I picked them up from school - my tires may have squeeled as I pulled out of the parking lot. We pulled up to the bottom of the trail and chose a route going straight to the top. In three steps I knew this was exactly what I needed. I took over a hundred photos, because I knew that my own eyes and memory wouldn't do this day justice. And that a few pictures flipped through in the coming months and years could bring me right back.

Her braids.
The pine needle carpet.
His sticky fingers on my neck. 
The bubbly brook so cold on our fingers.
The way he warned me about the slippery rocks.
The yellows, oranges, and occasional reds. 
 How he sticks close to chat about school. 

When the days get crazy and filled up, I need to remember to steal my kids away. 
Sometimes all I need is them.


Shauna said...

You take such beautiful pictures!!!

Monkey Business said...

Thanks Shauna! I may have a slight obsession :)