Monday, November 7, 2011

Wait Up

 As soon as we hit a trail, she's off. She scampers ahead racing down paths and climbing up rocks. I find myself yelling,
 "Wait up, Ella! Wait up!!"
She has become Ms. Independent, you see, with a fierce streak of competitiveness. It seems all traces of the shy baby who clung to me wherever we went has disappeared. 
And she isn't just racing ahead on the trails. She is in a big rush to grow up. My baby girl is infatuated with older kids, studying their moves, their expressions, and their tastes like an eager understudy. She mimics them all too well...
"Mom, I was like so scared."
 Her little attitude is more 13 year old than 5 year old and it is tough to take. If I hear 
"No, I wasn't!"
 one more time...
 Luckily she is still only 5. And with me all the time. We have cute little conversations and read animal stories at night. I still pick out her clothes and braid her hair. But I see what's coming and I have an idea of where we are heading. 
"Wait up, Ella!! Wait up!" 

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kdk said...

Look at you with the "Ella in focus and Drew out of focus picture"! We should schedule a photography lesson - I need tips!