Monday, January 30, 2012


3 generations traveled down to Battleship Cove this weekend. Our mission was to see a piece of our history, not just ours as Americans, but ours because our Grandfather helped build this ship. 
My Grandpa Toot (as in Tyler Toivo) spent years working on the USS Massachusetts. This was after serving as a Navy man himself. He told my Dad countless stories, painted his basement workshop with leftover paint from the shipyard, and watched the ship launch for the first time. 
And we climbed, walked, and explored it on Saturday. 
It was a great chance to reflect on our military. Walking through ships and submarines there is an almost overwhelming sense of Service and Sacrifice. And I also felt fear. I can't imagine manning a gun, hiding from enemies and searching them out, running off a boat into Battle. I can't imagine my son or my husband sleeping on those cots or washing the deck. 
I left that day proud and thankful, as an American and a Granddaughter. 


Nonnie said...

Aww. I couldn't be with you all on that trip but heard the stories. Sometimes you tell the stories best. Love you.

jan said...

so nicely said lauren your mom's post took my words exactly. you have a lovely way with words. the fear, the decks below and such young men. thank you i shed a tear for all our grandpa's & dad's especially Navy boys!