Monday, January 23, 2012

In the Details

 While waiting for the bus today, Tyler was sitting on the console next to the driver's seat. I was looking at his face, studying the details. His lashes, his freckles, the way his lips and eyebrows look just like Mike's.  I said, "Ty your eyes are so cool. They have blue, green and gray in them."

From the backseat, Drew said, "They are the same as yours, Mom." 

I flew open the mirror on my visor and peered into my own eyes. Drew was right. Ty smooshed his face into mine for a quick comparison, and quickly concurred. 

How hadn't I known this? How did Drew? 

We checked each other's eyes out and he other three are all the same, pure blue and perfect. 

But Tyler's are all mine and that makes me feel oddly happy and satisfied. I think we all search for ourselves in our kids. In looks and personalities. Sometimes we search for qualities that aren't really there, or discover ones we couldn't possibly see in ourselves (Stubborn? Didn't get that from me!!!) And it makes us proud. Because we made these awesome little beings...and the proof is in the details. 
(there are few things Ty enjoys more than a little photo booth on the computer:) 

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