Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Out & About

10 Minutes in the car.
And we can smell it as soon as we get out.

We catch a glimpse as we head down the big grassy hill. Their little feet bound quicker than I think possible as the little baby points from my back. The sweet, salty air floats upward and we greet it enthusiastically.

Into the winter wood we go. Barren trees, muddy moats, tiny chunks of ice reminding us of how the weather should be. We skip past giddy with the surprising warmth, anxious to meet our reward.
We burst from the wood and pause to take it all in.
The marsh, the river, the ocean just beyond.

We linger until it is almost dark. Finally leaving after soaking up our fill, content to know we will be back soon.

1 comment:

kdk said...

One of my favorite spots! Love it.