Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Colby...We Hear You!!

At almost 18 months old, Colby G makes himself known. 
"AH, AH, AH!!" 
That's his way of pointing out something interesting, asking for help, wanting food, well...just about anything. We hear that ALL. DAY. LONG.
He also calls his buddy, "Ey-ya" and Ella comes a running. He answers nearly every question with an enthusiastic, "Yeah!" 
Once I start to dry my hair he sticks to me like a monkey, for fear I'll sneak out on him. 
He loves, loves, loves to be outside. Still a dancing fool and if you read him a book you'll be friends for life. He follows close behind the big kids intently mimicking their every move. 
He makes us laugh. He makes us pull our hair out in frustration. Mostly he just makes us so thankful. 

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