Wednesday, February 15, 2012


 From the very beginning they have been inseparable. Sticking close, playing together, eating at the same time, sleeping in the same room. And I always watched and wondered how long it would last. How long these twins of mine would stay super close.

These days they sleep in separate rooms. Have their own friends at school and often split up on the weekends. She likes animals, he prefers Ninjas. Occasionally they join together in a game, but the change is obvious. I know it is a necessary stage, they need to be independent. But at the same time I want them to stay close, special, twin-ey. Twice a week at open skate, they are as Twin-ey as can be.

They stick together. Make up their own skating games. Wait for each other if one falls. Laugh at the same things. Watch out for each other on an ice teeming with crazy kids skating in mayhem. I love it. And hopefully this will be the ticket. Finding an activity or hobby or interest that they can share, just the two of them.
My twins.

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