Thursday, February 9, 2012

Old Flame

Over 60 years ago, Nana Ruth was engaged to man who was not destined to be my grandfather. She dropped the poor guy when she met Big Sid...and the rest is history. 

But, not quite. Nana has an admirer. 

This same man tracked Nana down from states away. Having had no contact for 60 years, he is now writing her notes and cards. He sends her pictures. And today a big box arrived - her Valentine! 

Mom says that Nana glows when he is mentioned. Im getting over there ASAP to see for myself! I love that she feels special. And I can't help to imagine my grandmother 60 years ago casting spells over helpless men! 

Happy Valentines Day, Nana! xoxo


kdk said...

Oh my goodness! This is adorable. I will need the full story the next time I see you :)

The Wagner Family said...

That is the best story!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute story! Made my heart smile!!

Mary(Howard) merrill