Tuesday, February 7, 2012

T for Two

 While the big kids are in school and Colby is sleeping, the middle child and I enjoy some quality time each afternoon. We paint, read, play army guy and board games. He sits next to me on a computer game while I check email and try to avoid Pinterest. We chat about school, tv shows, and poking out eye balls (his favorite subject).
Today my Tyler T. and I shared tea time. Green Tea is my drink of choice, while Ty indulges in hot chocolate, made with milk of course. We cradled our warm mugs and sat. Content. He described his latest castle drawing with hot lava and "stink butts" to deter enemies. I prodded, unsuccessfully, about school. Then he hopped up and away to do his own thing, and I followed his lead and did the same.
ps. he is MORE than happy to use Drew's mug..."we don't have to tell him, o-tay, mommy?"

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Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

Tyler toivo we miss you!!! Aunt melissa and uncle miss your laugh!!!!